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P22 - Doing Policy analysis with SKAD

PANEL Organizers

• Hornidge Anna-Katharina (, Center for Development Research, University of Bonn (Germany)

Given the broad deployment of the Sociology of Knowledge Approach to Discourse (SKAD, Reiner Keller) in the social sciences, in this panel we seek to gather a number of papers which examine power/knowledge relations in political conflict and policy-making either with SKAD or with related approaches of Discourse Analysis. The papers in this panel can be comparative studies of cases in different countries or different policy fields. These can include state policies on different levels, as well as non-state (i.e. informal, or non-formalised) institutions and the roles they play in shaping reality over time. Papers should be based on empirical research and case studies and we are particularly interested in bringing together papers from different world regions. Nevertheless, it is explicitly asked to put emphasis on theoretical and methodological aspects. The following questions should be covered at least partly by each of the papers:
How does the empirical work benefit from the theoretical combination of Sociology of Knowledge and Discourse Analysis? Which conceptions of agency and power have been applied? How has the research program of SKAD been modified? Which additions have been made in order to analyze the empirical object at hand? How have data corpuses been built? Which types of data have been collected for assessing the studied discourses? Which methods of data collection and analysis were used? Which way of interpretive analysis/systematic coding has been chosen? How are results integrated and presented? How does the study contribute to and engage with the discussion of a particular research area?
Finally, paper-givers are encouraged to develop innovative ways to illustrate the findings of their research. Every paper presentation should contain at least four common elements: a short description of the empirical case, an explanation of SKAD application/modification, an exemplification of interpretive inquiry, and finally a synoptic illustration of (preliminary) findings.

Discourse Analysis, Sociology of Knowledge, SKAD, knowledge/power relations

Faculty, E2.14

SESSION 1 : 9/07/2015 : 17:45-19:15
Hornidge Anna-Katharina (, Center for Development Research, University of Bonn (Germany)
Discussant: Keller, Reiner (, University of Augsburg (Germany)

• Science Policy for Cooperation with Developing Countries: An analysis based on SKAD
Schwachula, Anna (, University of Bonn (Germany)

Chasing Capacity: Strategies of Farmer’s Organisations as Change Agents
Alejandro Balanzo (, Universiteit Twente (Netherlands)

Empowerment of Women Household Heads in Iran: A Discursive Analysis
Maddah, Homa (, University of Bonn (Germany)

• The Key to the Border. Negotiating Political Borders and socio-cultural Boundaries along Asian Crossroads
Hornidge, Anna-Katharina (, University of Bremen (Germany)
Alff, Henryk (, Freie University of Berlin (Germany)
Boedecker, Just (, Zentrum Moderner Orient (Germany)

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