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By coming to Lille for the Conference, you will have the opportunity to visit the Flanders capital, especially during the 14th of july week-end. For the occasion, the city of Lille will organize festivities, such as the parade or fireworks.

City Highlights :

- the attractive old town with a strong Flemish influence (from the Grand Place with Austrian cannonballs still embedded in the facade to the basilica of Norte-Dame-de-la-Treille)

 _Lille_Vieille_Bourse_SW_2009_08_29_par_Andreas_F_1.jpg   _Lille_cathedrale_par_Velvet_Travail_personnel.jpg
 © Andreas F. Borchert. Sous licence CC BY-SA 3.0                           © Velvet. Sous licence CC BY-SA 3.0

- the Belfry (104 meters height for a panoramic view)

© Under. Sous licence CC BY-SA 3.0

- Art museums (Palais des Beaux Arts, Musée La Piscine de Roubaix...)

_Lille_palais_des_beaux_arts_face_2_par_Velvet_Travail_personnel.jpg      _La_Piscine_Roubaix_par_Camster2_Travail_personnel.jpg
© Velvet. Sous licence CC BY-SA 3.0                                                          © Camster2. Sous licence CC BY-SA 3.0

- many parks and a zoo

 © Chrisnord Trelon. Sous licence CC BY-SA 3.0

You will be warmly welcome. The Lillois have a well-deserved reputation for friendliness.

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A bike rental service named V’Lille is also available to visit the city.
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