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P35 - New Interpretive Approches to Understanding the Experiences and Politics of Childcare

PANEL Organizers
• Brady Michelle (, The University of Queensland (Australia)
• Cook Kay (, RMIT (Australia)

This panel calls for papers that use innovative interpretivist policy frameworks to understand the interpersonal, institutional or political dimensions of childcare policy and experience. Specifically, we are particularly interested in papers that use interpretive policy methodologies including but not limited to, a “logics of critical explanation” framework, (Glynos and Howarth 2007), or a policy framing approach (Bacchi 2009), or interpretive ethnographic approaches (Brady 2011).We seek papers that place parents' child care choices beyond the preferences of individual parents, and instead as one node in a broader set of policies, laws and institutions that shape parental work and care possibilities. We are interested in works that empirically capture how discursive framings and practices of childcare play out at personal, service and political levels. This includes works that consider the “market” in childcare (Ball and Vincent 2005) and families' “moral and emotional” decisions around childcare (Duncan et al. 2004). We also seek to include papers that conceptualise families' desires and experiences of childcare as dynamic and shaped by policy discourse and structures, and cultural understandings.

Bacchi, Carol Lee. 2009. Analysing Policy: What's the Problem Represented to be?. Sydney: Pearson Education. Ball, Stephen J. and Carol Vincent. 2005. "The “childcare Champion”? New Labour, Social Justice and the Childcare Market." British Educational Research Journal 31 (5): 557-570. Brady, Michelle A. 2011. "Researching Governmentalities through Ethnography: The Case of Reforms and Programs for Single Parents." Critical Policy Studies 5 (3): 265-283. Duncan, Simon, Rosalind Edwards, Tracey Reynolds, and Pam Alldred. 2004. "Mothers and Child Care: Policies, Values and Theories." Children & Society 18 (4): 254-265. Glynos, Jason and David Howarth. 2007. Logics of Critical Explanation in Social and Political Theory Routledge. 

Childcare, child care, policy framing, work and family, interpretive ethnography, logics of critical explanation

Faculty E2.16

SESSION 1 : 9/07/15 : 14:00-15:30
Chair: Michelle Brady (, University of QLD (Australia)

• Genealogy of childcare policies: Ecuador 1980-2015
Espinosa Betty (, Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales (Ecuador) - Universidad Nacional de la Plata - SENESCYT (Argentina)
Discussant: Kay Cook (, RMIT (Australia)

Media discourse, public opinion and lagging childcare policy in Canada: Deconstructing how we got here and progressive ways forward
Brooke Richardson and Rachel Langford (, Ryerson (Canada)
Discussant: Jana Jarnovik (, Leeds (UK)

• Australian child care policy problems and their solutions
Kay Cook, Lara Corr and Rhonda Breitkreuz (, RMIT (Australia)
Discussant: Viviane Vidot(, Philipps- Universität Marburg (Germany)

SESSION 2 : 09/07/15 : 16:00-17:30
Chair: Kay Cook (, RMIT (Australia)

Local variety in spite of uniform legal guidelines: the impact of local actors' implicit theories on the expansion of childcare in Germany
Viviane Vidot (, Philipps- Universität Marburg (Germany)
Discussant: Michelle Brady (, University of QLD (Australia)

Childcare as a common good? Some preliminary reflections on a novel policy framing
Charlotte Faircloth (, Roehampton University  (United Kingdom)
Discussant: Brooke Richardson(, Ryerson (Canada)

Redesigning comparative childcare policy analysis
Jana Jarnovik (, Leeds (UK)
Discussant: Espinosa Betty (, Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales (Ecuador) - Universidad Nacional de la Plata - SENESCYT (Argentina)

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