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P03 - Affective citizenship: on the role of emotions in social, urban and environmental policy

PANEL Organizers
• De Wilde Mandy (, University of Antwerp (Belgium)
• Kampen Thomas (, University of Amsterdam (Netherlands)

This session investigates the role of emotions in the present-day construction of citizenship. The last two decades have witnessed a shift from government to governance: a non-hierarchical mode of governing expecting citizens to participate in the formulation of public issues and the implementation of social policies. We have seen this in the areas of long term care (LTC), active labour market policy (ALMP), urban and neighbourhood regeneration and environmental activism. Previous research has shown how policies aiming for “responsible”, “engaged” or “self-reliant” citizens have undergone an “affective turn"; governments and other institutions increasingly encourage and acknowledge intimate relations and aim to shape citizens' values and feelings in order to engage them in the public domain. In general, this panel welcomes contributions that explore the construction and implications of ?affective citizenship'. How does policy aim to construct responsible citizens by appealing to their private and collective emotions, their personal sensitivities or their intimate relationships? What constitutive effects does affective citizenship entail? More specific, taking our cue from IPA's practical turn, we welcome contributions that focus on the intersections between these policies and the actual engagement of citizens. How does governing through emotions meet practical impediments, cultural conventions or political sensitivities when carried out in practice by policy practitioners? And what does this mean for the democratic or empowering potential of including emotions in social, urban or environmental policy?

Citizenship, emotions, environmental activism, urban and neighbourhood regeneration, long term care, active labour market policy

Faculty, E2.6

SESSION 1: On emotional engagement and governing through affective norms
10/07/2015 : 09:00-10:30

Mandy de Wilde (, University of Antwerp (Belgium)
Thomas Kampen (, University of Humanistic Studies (the Netherlands)

Inviting affective engagement with urban nature: place and community
Janice Astbury (, Durham University (UK)

Emotions, relations and citizenship: Grounding multiculturalism to an ethics of care
Alessandro Pratesi Cooren (, University of Chester (UK)

‘Getting into the spirit’: Sensitizing citizens in Dutch local governance
Mandy de Wilde, University of Antwerp (Belgium), and Jan Willem Duyvendak (, University of Amsterdam (the Netherlands)

SESSION 2: On the interplay between emotions and policy, institutions and science
10/07/2015 : 11:00-12:30

Mandy de Wilde (, University of Antwerp (Belgium)
Thomas Kampen (, University of Humanistic Studies (the Netherlands)

The right feeling – emotions in the work rehabilitation process
Monica Wilinska and Pia Bulow (, University of Stirling (UK), Jonkoping University (Sweden), University of the Free State (South Africa)

Reframing a painful past: the biographical dimensions of welfare clients' affective citizenship
Thomas Kampen (, University of Humanistic Studies (the Netherlands)

Science and emotions as a response to complexity: First evidence from anti-fracking protests in Northern Germany
Stefanie Wodrig  (, Christian-Albrechts-Universitat zu Kiel (Germany)

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