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P54 - The contextual turn in policy sciences: Reconciling design and implementation

PANEL Organizers
• Mukhtarov Farhad (, ADA University (Azerbaijan)
• Lejano Raul (, New York University (USA)
• Leong Ching (, National University Singapore (Singapore)

Asbtract Policy models continue to travel around the world despite the knowledge that policy panaceas do not work and that the policy context matters (e.g. Dryzek, 1982; Lasswell, 1971). The conventional theories and approaches of policy diffusion, policy transfer and similar have been broadly criticized for under-representation of the policy context (Mukhtarov, 2014). The emerging body of the literature on interpretive policy analysis pays specific attention to the tensions between policy prescriptions and the context (McConnell, 2010; Yanow, 2000). Lejano and Shankar (2013) offer a synthetic framework to study the process of “fit” between a policy model and the context. Lendvai and Stubbs (2009) discard the “policy transfer” approach in favour of viewing policies as “translations” between actors, places and times. Furthermore, scholars start to recognize multiple rationales for making policies, for example Lejano and Shankar (2013: 99; text added) put this as follows: “the logic (of policy making) is not one of optimality, but survival, appropriateness, and common sense - other words, of fit”. This panel aims to kick off the discussion on the analytical frameworks, policy models and methods to engage in reconciling policy design and policy context. We are interested in theory-building as well as the accumulation of empirical evidence on how policy translations happen. Our major goal is to review the existent literature and suggest possible ways of taking this research further, in systematic manner, yet with respect for complexities of policy.

Policy design, context, policy translation, fit

Sciences Po Lille  B2.1

SESSION 1 : 09/07/15 : 16:00-17:30
Chair: Farhad Mukhtarov (, ADA University (Azerbaijan)
Discussant: Ching Leung (, National University of Singapore (Singapore)

Boom/ bust cycles and the power of planning to temper them
Van Assche Kristof (, University of Alberta (Canada)
Gruzmacher Monica (, University of Alberta (Canada)
Beunen Raoul (, Open University Netherlands (Netherlands)
Duineveld Martijn (, Wageningen University (Netherlands)
Deacon Leith (, University of Alberta (Canada)
Jones Kevin (

Textualism and Contextualism: Hermeneutics of Policy Design
Lejano Raul (, New York University (USA)
Mukhtarov Farhad ( (Azerbaijan)
Park Sung Jin (, University of California Irvine (USA)

Policies in context: the Apulia case of ground water protection
Giordano Raffaele (, Water Research Institute of the National Research Council of Italy (Italy)
Brugnach Marcela (, University of Twente (Netherlands)

Participatory budgeting in Finland, Poland and UK: Translating global democratic innovation to urban contexts
Lehtonen Pauliina (,  University of Tampere (Finland)
Häikiö Liisa (, University of Tampere (Finland)

SESSION 2 : 9/07/2015 : 17:45-19:15
Chair: Ching Leung (, National University of Singapore (Singapore)
Discussant: Farhad Mukhtarov (, ADA University (Azerbaijan)

Hurting Stalemates and the Construction of Tractability in Water Privatization
Leong Ching (, National University of Singapore (Singapore)

Policy Transfer or Policy Translation? Understanding Country Ownership of Aid and Development in Samoa
O'neill Suzanne (, Australia National University (Australia)

Intermediaries and policy coherence - the role of forest journals in interpreting and communicating forest policy objectives
Peltomaa Juha (, Finnish Environment Institute (Finland)

Gaps of design and implementation of reconciliation policy in Guatemala
Calderón María (, Instituto de Investigación e Incidencia Ciudadana (Guatemala)
Arevalo Fidel (, Instituto de Investigación e Incidencia Ciudadana (Guatemala)

Governance Frameworks Don't Promote Health - People do: Public Health Activists in the Israeli Bureaucracy

Kranzler Yannai (, Ben Gurion University (Israel)
Davidovitch Nadav (, Ben Gurion University (Israel)



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