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P29- Framing policy designs, Re-defining governing: Investigating emotions in policy processes

PANEL Organizer:

Durnova Anna (, Department of Political Science, University of Vienna (Austria)


From health care to urban planning or social policies, pressing public policy issues are rife with emotional content. Emotions enter policy processes not only as discursive parts of compassion, hope and fear related to contentious issues but they refer also to the evaluative judgments of a range of actors that frame policy designs. In a similar vein, in the field of public administration and public management dealing with emotions of the citizens has become crucial for the understanding of contentious policy issues and, respectively, for their implementation. Interestingly enough, however, the study of emotions in the current work of both public policy and public management is limited to the way emotions are performed and not to the way they might structure the policy process and affect the very nature of governing. While in the manifold studies highlighting goal-directed rationality emotions are said to destabilize the normative and institutional patterns and are thus often seen as surpluses or exceptions to the common notions of governing the proposed panel seeks to investigate the structuring role that emotions might play in policy designs. Emotions do not build the counterpart to policy designs but that they are at their core. How do power relations and values produce particular emotions and are reproduced by them? How do emotions enter negotiations over who is the entitled actor to deal with a policy issue, who is the expert, and the like? This panel is open for contributions such as case studies and/or theoretical and methodological reflections from the field of public policy, public management or political theory that seek mount a challenge to current criteria of determining and classifying policy processes and that propose a novel view on how policies come to being and are implemented.


Emotions, policy design, governing, public management, policy analysis, political theory, affects


Sciences Po Lille : B2.3

SESSION 1 : 10/07/2015 : 11:00-12:30

Chair: Anna Durnova (, University of Vienna (Austria)

Discussant : Kathrin Braun (, Leibniz Universität Hannover (Deutschland)

Post-Bureaucratic Encounters: Affective Labor in Public Employment Services

Brigit Sauer, Myriam Gaitsch (, Otto Penz, Johanna Hofbauer, Barbara Glinsne, University of Vienna (Austria)

Escalation through emotion: the case of Oosterweel

Eva Wolf (, University of Antwerp (Belgium)

The emotional dimensions of financial decision making in low-income households: Implications for policy knowledge and practice

Greg Marston (

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