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P16- Critical Discourse Analysis, Policy and Power

PANEL Organizers :

Farrelly Michael (, University of Hull (United Kingdom)

• Mulderrig Jane (, University of Sheffield (United Kingdom)


Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA) and IPA have established a valuable dialogue in recent years, with CDA offering both a theory of discourse and a detailed analytical framework for the interpretive analysis of policy. This panel will extend this engagement and will present work which applies the theories and methods associated with textually oriented critical discourse analysis to any area of interpretive policy studies.
One aim of the CDA approach is critique of discourse and discursive practices where they contribute to the exercise of power. The panel will, therefore, give preference to research and theoretical papers which apply or discuss CDA as part of an interpretive approach which address this year’s conference theme: discourse, actors and power.
Specifically, the panel will engage in discussion which aims at clarifying the contribution of CDA as one approach to critical policy analysis and which addresses issues of method in doing critical discourse analysis.
A feature of much work in CDA is the distinction that it draws between language, discourse and text. Exploration of this distinction in terms of policy and power, will be encouraged in discussion of the papers. What are the features of discourse associated with areas of policy practices, actors and the dynamics of power? Do these features of discursive practice constrain what is said in particular policy texts or do particular policy texts challenge and disrupt accepted policy conventions and the structures of power? Do particular conflicts over policy play out within established conventions of policy debate or is there evidence that some policy conflicts are threatening to overturn such conventional practice in a more revolutionary way? Through this discussion the panel will reflect more broadly on the conference theme of discourse, policy and power.


Critical Discourse Analysis, power, policy, social actors, social practices


Faculty E2.15

SESSION 1 : 9/07/15 : 14:00-15:30

Chair: Jane Mulderrig (, University of Sheffield (UK)

Discussant: None

A critical discourse analysis of argument in public-political texts on energy policy in the UK: the problematic discourse of ‘the market’ as governor

Michael Farrelly (, University of Hull (UK)

Strategic planning as a governing practice: a critical discourse analysis of coastal strategic planning in Victoria, Australia

Brian Coffey (, RMIT University, Melbourne (Australia)

Discourses on ‘China’s smog crisis’ within Chinese and French Media

Guangfeng Chen (, University of Alberta (Canada)

Discourse and power in Spain: the emergence of ‘Podemos’ as a new political agent

Nicolina Montesano Montessori ( Utrecht University of Applied Sciences (Netherlands)

SESSION 2 : 09/07/15 : 16:00-17:30

Chair: Michael Farrelly (,
University of Hull (UK)
Discussant: None

Critical Discourse Analysis and the Researcher-in-Residence Model: Applying CDA to the Evaluation of Integrated Care in East London

Laura Eyre (, University College London, (UK)

Personalising paternalism? Nudge and the language of soft power in UK health policy

Jane Mulderrig (, University of Sheffield ( UK)

CDA and transdisciplinary approach to critical policy analysis: Evidence from the Italian case

Daniela Caterina (, Universitat Hamburg, (Germany)

Surrounded by threats ? How securitization research can be complemented by critical discourse analysis to uncover relations and conceptualizations of power

Mikko Poutanen (,University of Tampere (Finland)

SESSION 3 : 9/07/2015 : 17:45-19:15

Chair: Jane Mulderrig (,
University of Sheffield (UK)
Discussant: None

Recontextualising neoliberalism in higher education: A multimodal CDA approach to policy analysis

Carl Ng (, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong (SAR China)

Evicted by words: seeking to reoccupy educational technology policy texts

Sarah Hayes (, Aston university, UK

Officially yours – Discourses of Immigration by Ministries in Finland

Bodstrom ( , University of Helsinki, Finland

 Mobilising for Crisis Resolution. Combining IPA and CDA in the Analysis of Crisis Discourse

Amelie Kutter (, European University Viadrina, Germany

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