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P56- The Politics of Meaning: Power-sensitive Approaches to Framing Research

PANEL Organizers :

Dewulf Art (, Wageningen University (Netherlands)

• Yanow Dvora (, Wageningen University (Netherlands)

• Van Hulst Merlijn (, Tilburg University [Tilburg] (Netherlands)


Framing research has a long tradition in policy sciences and related disciplines and has shown how radically different the world can look depending on where you stand. We understand framing as the interactive processes of sensemaking, naming/categorizing and storytelling through which actors construct the meaning of policy issues. Framing research has generated insights into how actors make sense of policy issues, how they construct and contest frames in interaction with other actors, and how this affects the (in)tractability of policy processes. Still, the framing perspective warrants further development to realize its analytic potential for a dynamic and process-oriented approach that is politically nuanced and power-sensitive. A power-sensitive understanding of sensemaking processes and frame interactions would be very suitable for understanding interactions in formal political arenas, in governance networks, and in the encounters between street-level bureaucrats and their clients. We are particularly interested in the interactive processes of framing through which power is implicitly or explicitly at play, and how actors invoke or mobilize contextual and institutional conditions in these processes. The panel contains contributions that explore theoretically and/or empirically topics like the relation between framing and power, how frames privilege particular policies, actors and interests over others, the ways more or less powerful actors use framing for strategic purposes, the unintended power effects of framing processes, and the role of frames and counter-frames in struggles for power and influence.


Framing, power, politics, meaning, sensemaking.


Faculty E2.13

SESSION 1 : 8/07/2015 : 13:15-14h45

Chair: Art Dewulf (, Wageningen University (Netherlands)

Discussant: Dvora Yanow (, Wageningen University (Netherlands)

Contested meaning of hydraulic fracturing

Tamara Metze (, Tilburg University (Netherlands)

Tinkering relations: The controversies of policy framing in internationalization of higher education

Melody Viczko (, Western University (Canada)

Constructing the Oosterweel controversy. An analysis of the power of frames and what makes frames powerful

Eva Wolf (, University of Antwerp (Belgium)

SESSION 2 : 8/07/2015 : 15:00-16:30

Chair: Merlijn van Hulst (,
Tilburg University (Netherlands)

Discussant: Art Dewulf (, Wageningen University (Netherlands)

Reconstructing the weakest link with a soft strategy: framing coastal development in the Netherlands

Ewert Aukes (, University of Twente (Netherlands)

Framing analysis of household food insecurity uncovers power sensitivity within the Canadian political arena

Patrick Patterson (, University of Calgary (Canada)

SESSION 3 : 8/07/15 : 17:00-18:30

Chair: Art Dewulf (,
Wageningen University (Netherlands)

Discussant: Merlijn van Hulst (, Tilburg University (Netherlands)

The healthy scale to make health policy

Maartje van Lieshout (, Radboud University (Netherlands)

Framing the Governance of Core-Periphery Relations in Germany and Romania

Alexandru Brad (, Leibniz-Institut für Länderkunde

Framing Fuel Efficiency on Europe's Roads: Regulatory Burden or Regulatory Capture?

James Palmer (, University of Oxford (United Kingdom)

SESSION 4 – SHARED SESSION BETWEEN PANEL 09 AND PANEL 56 : 10/07/15 : 09:00-10:30

Chair: Merlijn van Hulst (, Tilburg University (Netherlands)

Discussant: t.b.a.


Sciences Po Lille B2.1

Charting Novelty or Inventing Realities? Framing Aporias of Social Innovation Research

Bonno Pel (, Université Libre de Bruxelles (Belgium)

Framing deceptive, covert research practices: The legacy of Milgram, Humphreys, and Zimbardo for ethics regulation of US social science research

Peregrine Schwartz-Shea (, University of Utah (United States)

The construction of vocational higher education quality in Dutch national policies since 1985

Kasja Weenink (, University of Amsterdam (Netherlands)


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