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P51 - Think Tanks 2.0: Knowledge Actors and transnational governance


Organizers :

Frank Fischer (, Rutgers University (U.S.)
Dieter Plehwe (, Berlin Social Science Center (Germany)


The panel aims at discussing Diane Stone’s key contribution to a new generation of think tank studies (beyond national comparative perspectives). Her “Transnational Knowledge Actors and transnational governance” published in 2013 addresses a wide range of think tanks and think tank networks, and policy making beyond the nation state. Stone’s global agora concept drops the notion of “the public” to critically examine public private relations in policy related expertise and consulting processes in a broad range of settings and across issue areas. The panel aims at a critical discussion of her seminal contribution and at exploring additional ways to further develop a critical approach to think tank studies in public policy.


Faculty, E2.9

SESSION 1 : 09/07/15 : 16:00-17:30

Chair: Frank Fischer (, Ruttgers University (U.S.)

Partisan think tanks, knowledge networks and policy communities
Dieter Plehwe (, Berlin Social Science Center (Germany)

Power elites and think tank governance
Janine Wedel (, George Mason University (U.S.)

Argumentative turn in think tank studies
Frank Fischer (, Rutgers University (U.S.)

 • The politics of epistemic power in evidence based policy making
Holger Strassheim (, Humboldt University Berlin (Germany)

 • Response by the author of “Transnational Knowledge Actors and transnational governance”
Diane Stone (, Murdoch University, (Australia)


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